AR & VR in Education

In order to find new arena in the field of education, many of the EdTech companies rely on AR and VR technologies.
This reliance is increasing day by day as these technologies advance. Besides education, the footprint of AR and VR has grown significantly in other sectors as well.

Merits of VR in Education

There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of AR and VR in education. Some of the crucial ones are as follows:

Expanding learning and teaching possibilities

In modern times, VR can well-equip teachers to open new doors of experiential learning. The audio-visual factor is able to grab learners’ attention and helps them to learn efficiently, which altogether creates a new medium of delivering and gaining knowledge. Thus, for teachers and students, VR can expand the teaching and learning possibilities.

Immersive learning:

Virtual reality lets the user immerse inside the computer-generated world, giving the impression that they have “stepped inside” the synthetic world. The power of abstract and exotic artificial environment is immense, as it can occupy a student’s mind focused for a considerable time.

Personalized learning

Every student has his own learning speed. For slow learners, it often becomes cumbersome and embarrassing in class to ask repeatedly if one fails to understand the topic. By virtue of tech-enabled education, every learner has his own space and time to absorb the knowledge in manageable chunks as per his capacity. One can revisit the content again and again until they are satisfied without any hesitation or awkwardness.


Virtual trips / field visits: Students can visit faraway and inaccessible places of their choice without spending actual money.

Besides learning, VR can let students travel in space and time. A teacher doesn’t need to draw a 2D shark on board, but can take students along with her in the virtual ocean as an underwater diver to show a live swimming shark by all angles. So, this way one can travel to the place unimaginable, which can deliver an unparalleled experience to retain long.

Visualization-based learning

There are many educational concepts which require 3D presentation for its lucid understanding. To illustrate, how electric current oscillates in an AC circuit or how chemical bonds are formed at molecular level cannot be taught effectively by drawing a single image on a board. Unless they are explained in 3D, students cannot thoroughly grasp beauty of the concept.

Improved knowledge retention

It has been proven in many surveys that by combining VR and education and thus making a lesson more engaging and interactive, students learn effectively and it improves their chances of retaining the knowledge manifold compared to the conventional method of teaching.

Sparks curiosity

An appropriate environment pertaining to a topic is required to learn the concept. Unless the environment is created, a teacher cannot efficiently impart the knowledge and the class suffers. VR can overcome this difficulty and can teleport the students to the ambience which can not only enhance their curiosity but also boost learning.

Keeping parents in loop

All lessons, illustrations, and interactives will be made available to students on their smartphones. To keep tab on their children’s progress, parents will be updated with analytics by sending regular test reports, the time spent on learning and other vital statistics of a student.

Pros of AR in Education

AR delivers immersive and experiential learning. It enables students to do various activities. For reference, a chemistry student can mix two hazardous chemicals in a virtual laboratory without even entering in the laboratory inside a safe and zero-consequence environment.

AR can transform students into competent and confident individuals, by means of optimally-designed content which can reduce the span of knowledge consumption dramatically for students.

Schools and private institutes can engage their students in a completely new and exciting way with AR. They can take advantage of the pros of AR and AR mobile apps by heightening student engagement.

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