Augmented Reality Importance for
Automotive Industry

Benefits of AR and VR into Automotive

Experience a luxurious virtual automobile with us

The applications of AR/VR technologies are so versatile, that even all leading automobile manufacturers have deployed them in their product portfolio to allure customers. Let us develop a virtual car of your choice with ultra-realistic interior and let user immerse as if in the ambience of the actual car and savor it.

VR automobile showroom

Unlike apparel, buying an automobile is a very thoughtful investment. Consequently, it leads to cognitive dissonance after you seal the deal. In such a stressful situation, a VR showroom is of great help, which can allow potential buyers to virtually seat in the car and feel its ambience and make decision-making process fast as well. Let the VR app choose the customers different colors of the car, customized seats and upholstery; and watch them happy.

Innovative AR experience for car buyers

Customers are willing to pay more if a business can cater fast, reliable and satisfactory performance. How can the automobile industry be exception to it? The BMW-Accenture tie up to create an AR app facilitating the BMW’s customers to view its upcoming cars without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Simulated test driving

What can be more cost-effective way than let a car customer experience a virtual test drive of a model of his choice? It is risk-free, involves no vehicle damage, and zero maintenance. The recent trend of letting potential car buyers immerse in 360 videos is catching up and boosting sales..

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