Augmented Reality

How can AR transcend your business?

AR is game-changing in all walks of life. AR has the capability to replace the age-old cumbersome techniques employed in from client involvement to skill training of a job. Owing to its unmatched value addition in business, almost all the industries have begun using AR in their plans and we, at Feeltech Digivation, will assist you to incorporate the same. 

With our understanding of AR, you will be able to
  • Educate your workforce to their maximum potential 
  • Improve your sales and branding 
  • Provide cutting-edge educational tools 

The scope is limitless and limits are limited. Bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds, we can take visualization beyond imagination to deliver an astounding experience for your customers that augment user-engagement and brand value. 

Stand out from the crowd 

Through our AR app development, you can deliver ‘real-time’ experience that drives innovation and bring the following unprecedented positive change to your business: 

  • Exceptional opportunities for product promotions, brands, and enterprises 
  • Leading-edge marketing possibilities 
  • 5 times more customer engagement 
  • Significant rise in potential clients and customer retention 

Augmented Reality services we offer

Expand your trade with our AR solutions 

AR apps for android and iOS

Catering scalable, stable, and highly effective AR services for iOS and Android platforms across multiple industries is our forte. 

AR Game development 

Our exclusive team consisting AR game professionals has specialized skills and technical know-how of the most popular game engine Unity and other 3D software essential to game development. 

Location-based AR

The mobile phones of latest generation have components like accelerometer, compass, GPS and so on. We can harness the utility of these elements to exactly identify the consumer’s place and his motion to give AR experience at his location.

AR in e-commerce

With the intention of driving sales and substituting in-store experiences, our AR developers can build revolutionary shopping experience not only to grow the patronage and clientele but also the confidence of the customers. 

Recognition-based AR

By using 3D object recognition technology, we can distinguish various visual markers and accordingly provide more information about the physical object.  

Projection-based AR  

One of the functionalities of AR is to project digital content onto a real object in physical area. Our developers are expert in building such projection-based AR apps which help businesses ease their operations.  

AR based on superimposition

This kind of AR uses object recognition technology to replicate the object or its parts beside the augmented view.  

AR Support   

Continual support to our client is our top priority. By providing regular version update, troubleshooting and upkeeping services, we tend to assure incessant stability and uncompromised security.   

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